Search Engine Optimization

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Cost Effective Search Engine Optimization Services

Hendela System Consultants, Inc.'s team of experts analyze your website to determine the best strategy to place your web pages as high in search engine results as possible. We believe that your site is unique and has to be placed in the ranking according to the market you serve. No automated tool can do that by itself. We take the time to talk with you to determine the best keywords and content for your website and market. Our years of experience combined with a variety of tools can change your website from invisible to optimized.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO , is at least as important as your website design itself. SEO helps with the placement of your website in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. If your website is not scanned into search engines by a process known as indexing, your website is virtually invisible to visitors on the internet. Search Engine Optimization, SEO,  from Hendela System Consultants, Inc. can help make your website more visible to those looking for your products and services.  It's another way we help turn prospects into your customers.

A couple of good reasons to invest in SEO Services:

1) Help your prospective customers find you.Investing in an optimization program helps describe your business products and services in a way that prospects can find you on the internet. The name of your company will almost always be found when performing a Google or Yahoo search. What we do is use the words that describe your products and services in such as way that your site is as visible as possible to the programs that the search engines use to determine what you sell. A website optimization program helps you obtain prospects for your services and products.

2) Location, Location, Location. SEO is the internet version of location, location, location. You probably would not buy a store behind another building that hides you on a street that has no car traffic, no parking, and no foot traffic. It is just the same on the internet. If someone who needs your products and services cannot locate you, they cannot buy from you. Search Engine Optimization helps place your products and services as high on the search results as possible. High rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN and others provide you the exposure to start turning a browser into a prospect and a prospect into a customer.

The following are some aspects of Search Engine Optimization that we can perform to help your website improve its rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others:

  • Analyze your current website rankinginside of various search engines. This establishes a base to see how your website improves overtime.
  • Perform a web traffic analysis to see who visits your website, how often, and how they find you. This also provides a base for the improvement that optimization yields.
  • Perform a keyword analysis to see what keywords will best fit your business and the search engines. Sometimes people find your site using very unusual keywords.
  • Analyze your current website wording to see how your keywords are being used on your website. Overusing or underusing your keywords can hurt your listing in Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Change your website content to help increase the chances of web prospects finding you. The best optimization strategy in the world can not work if you do not implement it. Hendela System Consultants, Inc. has the web development expertise to make any necessary changes.
  • Register your website with directory services to increase exposure. Part of your ranking depends upon links to your site. High Quality directories can provide some of those links.
  • Monitor results of how the search engine optimization performed. Some improvement to your rankings can take very little time. Some need time to take root. We can let you know how you are doing at intervals that make sense for you.
  • Determine how pay per click advertising fits your sales and marketing strategy. We believe strongly to improve your ranking as best as you can using what are called "organic search", that is, free and inexpensive methods. Sometimes, paying for better placement is the next step to improve exposure to your potential customers.